What We Do

Naturoslive, we are driven by the goodness of organics. From the field to your kitchen, we are committed to ensure that our organic spices and seasonings are grown and processed in an ethical and sustainable manner.


Red ginger, white ginger, long pepper.


Nutmeg, Cloves, Cassia, greater Galanga L, White Pepper, Lesser Galanga L

As Your Requested

Powder dry seasoning, Natural powder drink

why choose us


Selection of quality ingredients from farmers makes it easier for us to process the ingredients. The right process and storage management system where from the procurement of materials quickly and on time according to the process schedule and without too long storage in the warehouse to delivery allows us to provide the spices you need with a small cost and a short time.


We provide quality materials by utilizing professional staff who ensure that the quality control of the materials we process is maintained. Complete inspection and testing from the initial receipt of materials to the finished product is carried out consistently and documented, making it easier for us to trace if there is a quality discrepancy. We ensure the quality of materials to products biologically, chemically and physically. We control microbiological contaminants, contamination of pesticide residues, allergens, and physical contamination on a regular basis and ensure that they comply with the rules that apply to food safety and related agencies so that we can provide spices and ingredients according to the requests and specifications you want with the best quality and taste.


The production process uses equipment with high speed and large capacity. The use of machines that make food contact makes our products safe from contamination caused by machines. Workforce with qualified experience and machine capabilities enable us to produce products in large quantities. We ensure that our products do not contain metal by using a metal detector at the end of each process. In addition, the process of sterilizing and sanitizing machines is our biggest concern in the production process. So it is very possible for us to meet the demand with the capacity you want with timely delivery.